You’ve seen Christy from Whimsical Whimsies here a few times before, however you never actually met her.  Today Christy is here to introduce herself to you.

Happy Reading!!

I thought I’d take this wonderful opportunity given to my by Christine (isn’t she terrific?!!) to introduce myself and Whimsical Whimsies. While I have been given the honor of doing feature posts on the DIY Dreamer previously, I’ve never really introduced myself (how rude of me!).

My name is Christy, wife to a great man and mama to three precious girls. In our house, we do as much as we can to keep our environment as natural and organic as possible–and we are on a mission to get more and more organic as we go. In this vein we shop organic, we grow organic, we clean organic, and we try to live organically as well, which includes…no TV! *gasp!* I know, I know. But we decided we’d rather focus on things we can do, rather than that big old box hanging on the wall. And you know what? Just today, my oldest daughter Chloe (5 years old) said, “Mama, I like reading books much more than I like watching TV.” Yes!

Whimsical Whimsies is a fun blog I created as a way for me to share my interests with others who might enjoy the same things, although I also started it to share our every day adventures with our family who lives far away. Here I talk about the things I do with my girls and my hubby. We are a homeschooling family and my husband works from home, so we are together a lot! Our schooling doesn’t just include the ABC’s. My children are taught how to garden and do basic household chores, such as cooking and baking, laundry, and cleaning. One of their favorite activities is sewing! We make dresses and many other things at our sewing machine. The girls are taught to sew when they turn three. And they are getting very good at it!

Another favorite activity we share as a family is going to the beach. The closest beach is about 15 minutes from our house, so we try to get there as much as we can. Right now is nesting season for the Loggerhead Sea Turtles–one of my favorite times of the year! Yesterday when we visited the beach one of the nests was hatching (you can tell because the sand gets a concave shape on the surface of the nest). The turtles hadn’t made their way to the top yet. It takes about three days for all of them to work together and get to the top, but soon they will follow the moonlight to their ocean home. Last year we found two turtles that hadn’t made their way out of the nest by morning and were stuck at the bottom. We helped them out and walked with them while they made their way to the water. So cool!

baby turtles

So while we have cut out some things in our daily living that other people experience daily, we are not without the blessings of natural living. Our goal is to give our children opportunities to explore and discover their environment. In the quiet, still moments when they are busily exploring is when I watch so much learning happen–when they run down the beach to investigate each turtle nest…when they follow a sand crab along the shore line until it scurries into it’s hole…when they watch a bug crawl in the grass for an extended period of time…when they lay in the grass and watch the clouds drift by…when they watch the butterflies flutter in their garden…when they wish for fairies to come out and play…these are some of those precious times that can only be found in the quiet moments of organic discovery when they are fully integrated in the world around them. I love these moments too!

Thank you for allowing me a moment to share myself with you! Please feel free to stop by Whimsical Whimsies any time. 🙂  



Want to know Christy even more?  You can find her here:
Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Pinterest

I just adore the wonderful values that Christy is teaching her daughters.  I love that she remembers what’s important in life…. FAMILY!!

What do you think of Christy?  She’s pretty amazing right?

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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